The Missing Link

Although I am not a particularly enthusiastic follower of the sport, I must admit that I do like football and I was looking forward with a certain amount of impatience to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the opportunity to see teams from different nations who understand football in different ways, even if many of them share the characteristic of being captained by these stars who are familiar to almost all of us because of their continuous presence in the media, not always for sporting reasons.

At the beginning of the competition, a considerable proportion of the followers of the different teams trust that it will be precisely these stars who will make the difference; that these players with their skills (that are beyond question) and their ability to individually resolve complicated situations will take their teams to victory. However, reality is stubborn and has its own rules, and generally shows us that, in complicated situations, trusting the success of the task to the genius of a single individual implies a high risk.

This competition serves to demonstrate that it is not much use having a skilful forward if the players behind him are not capable of getting the ball to him or if the defence is weak and we concede more goals than we score. And of course experience has shown us that success sustained over time is based on the skill and good work of the entire team, each one effectively fulfilling their particular mission, and that the presence of a weak link in the chain is enough to shatter the good work of the rest.

This same principle can be applied to business activity, and when we speak of the “team”, we should not think exclusively of the personnel of the organisation itself, but must also include the rest of the agents that participate in the activity. For this reason, at IKOR we believe that if your product incorporates electronic technology, to have a specialist in this field in your “team” is essential.

Many requirements are involved in putting an electronic product on the market and managing it throughout its life cycle. The performance demanded of current products requires the use of advanced technologies; their miniaturisation requires the use of high-performance manufacturing methods; the variability in its demand implies having robust processes and flexible tools for both manufacturing and materials management; local markets are replaced by global customers located in different parts of the world, requiring adequate logistic models; the regulations that apply to products and their quality requirements increase in number; and each process must be optimised to reduce the final cost of the product, etc.

At IKOR we understand these needs and we have been providing solutions to them for years. We are specialists in doing just this. This is why in our IKOR TECHNOLOGY CENTRE we have a team of engineers who are specialists in product development and who, also applying concepts of manufacturability to your products, will be able to optimise this process and reduce its cost. For this reason we have created multidisciplinary teams, the Customer Focused Teams (CFTs), which will be responsible for following up your manufacturing requirements and the maintenance of your products during their evolution over time. That is why we have established a presence in different countries which enables us to access any point where you require our services in an effective way. That is why our work is based on the most demanding quality standards and the most modern production tools. And we do all this within the framework of a solid business group that is committed to the future, which ensures the continuity of our relationship over time.

At IKOR we think that if you concentrate all your efforts and resources on the core activities of your business, leaving the responsibility for the manufacture and maintenance of your electronic products in our hands, the chances of success will be higher. In this way, each participant works in their area of speciality, without any weak links in the team.

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