“Humans and dinosaurs will be forced to live together.

We are entering into a new era.

Welcome to the Jurassic World.”

Dr. Ian Malcolm launches into his final statement in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the saga’s most recent instalment by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona.

The echo of his words are still falling upon the room while various post-credit scenes show us the gigantic Mosasaurus emerging from between a group of surfers, a T-Rex crossing past a zoo’s perimeter, and throwing what appears to be a friendly wave towards the soon to be usurped “King of the Jungle”, his majesty the lion, or various specimens of Pteranodon flying over Las Vegas… one of them posing, with astonishing calm, on the well-known replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel & Casino, as its gaze scans over the vast neon horizon.

Now various decades ago, writer Augusto Monterroso told us, “When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there”, in the form of a work of flash fiction. Perhaps now this is the panorama we face. It often happens that we are rarely aware of the major changes taking place until we wake up one day and discover that they have arrived… and they will still be there tomorrow.

This is what happened with many new technologies, specifically with the application of Blockchain, “Chain Blocks” or “Articulated Chain”, in different areas. Simply put, Blockchain is essentially a system that simplifies transactions by eliminating intermediaries and creating an indelible, transparent record for each transaction. The transactions made (blocks) are carried out directly and automatically, and are “approved” by all participants on the network.

In economic terms, Bitcoin paved the way in 2009 as the first “decentralised currency” supported by Blockchain technology, but Blockchain is much more than Crytocurrency, and it is already changing paradigms in every industry that has started to use it.

An especially revolutionary concept based on Blockchain is a Smart Contract. In this case, legal intermediaries that currently certify compliance with a contract signed between two parties are eliminated. We no longer have a written document in our hands. Instead, a computer protocol collects all the commitments (agreed upon tasks), and ensures compliance automatically. If event A occurs, then consequence B will be implemented automatically.

Imagine the impact on the field of entertainment (the film and music industries) – from the process of financing and producing new projects, to protecting intellectual property and managing rights, contracts, and royalties payments digitally, etc.

There are already companies leading these changes, such as MovieCoin, and according to the sector itself, it is highly likely that access to all content, from purchasing a ticket to the latest release in theatres, to subscriptions to any VOD platform, will be carried out with this technology in just a few years… a moviegoer buys their ticket to the cinema or pays for a Netflix subscription with any digital currency they like. The blockchain will instantly distribute that €8.50 to each party automatically according to the various percentages that were previously agreed upon. BAM!

It is a fact that we will have to learn to live with all of these changes…

… and at this point, many will ask where are the fantastical prehistoric beasts that we opened with, so here we are;

The San Sebastian International Film Festival returns to our city every September (Edition No. 66, 21/9-29/9), which includes the so-called Zinemaldia & Technology event among its ample cultural offerings, addressing the impact of new technologies on the audiovisual sector (virtual reality and mixed reality, neuromarketing, language technologies, etc.), including the Blockchain explosion.

Sponsored by the Festival, Petronor, and Tecnalia, this space for reflection will take place next Sunday 23 September on the Tabakalera patio, kicking off with an inaugural conference led by director Juan Antonio Bayona… list of guests yet to be confirmed.

Friends, we will have to learn to live together with them… Watch the skies!😊




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