Formula Student seeks to develop better and more complete engineers through international competitions that test the ability of teams to manage their human and other resources.

The fusion of the two teams at Tecnun has given rise to a single team that will represent the engineering school with its electric car: Tecnun eRacing. This single team, which is made up of more than 50 engineering students from different specialities, is divided into 6 main areas:

  • Aerodynamics: these team members focus on optimising the aerodynamic behaviour of the car in both the bends and the straights so that the car goes as fast as possible.
  • Chassis: the chassis team is responsible for designing and manufacturing the chassis, the foot pedals and an impact attenuator.
  • Suspension: these are responsible for the shock absorbers, the braking system, the steering, the tyres, etc.
  • Electronics: this department takes care of the low voltage systems of the car. This includes the design and manufacture of PCBs and their enclosures, the implementation of their software and the wiring.
  • Tractive System and Drivetrain: they are responsible for the powerhouse of the car. The former are responsible for storing the energy and transmitting it to the motors, and the latter for transmitting that energy to the wheels, to make the car move.
  • Organisation: The Organisation area is responsible for the static tests of the competition and all the management work. Those working in this area are also responsible for preparing both the Business Plan and the Cost Report that must be presented to the judges of each competition. In addition, they are responsible for managing the purchase of materials, as well as the manufacture of all the parts, finding new sponsors and keeping in touch with the current sponsors, promoting the corporate image of the team, organising and coordinating events, managing participation in the competitions and ensuring compliance with the requirements for these.

From the R&D unit, IKOR Technology Centre we have had the privilege of collaborating and advising, offering our knowledge and experience to the team’s electronics area: advising on the correct selection of the components, taking into account their availability and obsolescence, the search for secondary sources and design geared to manufacturing.

We have also advised on the wiring and the enclosures for these electronics, fields in which we have extensive experience. The initial sketches, diagrams, the 2D and 3D design of electronics and mechanics, the study of possible interferences, etc., are common tasks in the process of developing a new product, before moving on to the prototyping phase.

In the case of our collaboration with Tecnun eRacing, we first prototyped the initial samples of the enclosures with our own FDM technology printers to verify their design and then, after improving their design, for the final parts we used the new Multi Jet Fusion HP technology offered by Mausa

This industrial process of 3D printing produces functional prototypes in polyamides PA11 and PA12, as well as final parts that have consistent isotropic material properties, and better surface finishes compared to other 3D printing processes based on powder such as sintering. These polyamides are very suitable for mechanically loaded functional prototypes, and parts in series with moving components that are also subjected to stresses.

That is why in addition to the enclosures for the different electronic boards, they have been used for some parts of the car’s foot pedals, and the support for the emergency button.

At IKOR, in collaboration with our supplier Mausa, we have used this technology in the most recent projects that we have carried out, bringing forward the deadlines and improving the mechanical properties of the parts that we deliver to our customers.


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