While the statistics continue to confirm that relationships are increasingly scarce and that generation after generation their duration tends to decrease, at IKOR we endeavour to contradict the statistics by having increasingly long-lasting “relationships” with our clients. It seems like only yesterday that IKOR took its first steps as an EMS company. But that was […]

Today we would like to share with you one of our most interesting projects that we are currently immersed in and which is key to our 2015 strategy. Among the important changes that are taking place in Mexico for the country’s development and energy savings, the Mexican Government decided to go ahead with the analogue […]

“In October 2009, consumers in the United States were surprised by Toyota’s decision to withdraw 3.8 million vehicles from the market…” “A few months later a survey carried out by Gallup found that 31% of Americans thought that Toyota vehicles were unsafe…” It is not an isolated case: Sanyo, Bosch, Apple, Siemens and Samsung have […]

The global electronics industry (EMS) is going through profound changes as regards product and process technologies, the internal organisation of companies, the interaction between companies and forms of commercialisation. This is reflected, among other things, on the distribution of design and production activities in different countries. As has already been commented in a previous post, […]

The electronics industry has become a highly globalised and strategic sector, due to the fact that it continues to play a greater part in product manufacturing and content for a range of industries, such as the automotive, electrical appliance and medical equipment sectors, and its constant and rapid evolution boost the productivity of companies. This […]

The collaboration agreements between Technology Centres and EMS have become a good tool to maintain the competitiveness of products. In order to manufacture a competitive article it is necessary to research and experiment with new technologies. In this context, at IKOR we are committed to promoting collaboration between Customer Design Engineers and our specialists at […]

In January 2013, an automotive TIER 1 commissioned us with a high volume project for the IKOR Mexico plant. It was an illumination project for cars. In total, we had to manufacture: 26 different circuits that had to fulfil two main requirements: On the one hand, make sure that each individual circuit only had the […]

For a number of years, Jalisco has positioned itself as an important industrial hub in the central-western region of Mexico, with a number of prominent industries such as livestock, agriculture and, of course, the tequila industry. However, the electronics industry has played an important role in this region. In its metropolitan area, dominated by the […]

The tendency to incorporate electronics into all kinds of products is increasing exponentially, so it is becoming more and more difficult to find products on the market in which electronics are not present to a greater or lesser extent. In the current global crisis, few markets have an annual growth like that of the electronics […]