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Cars that drive themselves, lights that turn on when we enter the room, home appliances which can be activated with your phone… You may not have heard of it, but all these technological advances are part of the increasingly well-known Internet of things (IoT).

As we commented in previous posts, the IoT consists of equipping objects with the ability to connect to the Internet, to collect information about the environment and to interact with it. More than a market trend, we are talking about a new way of living where people and devices are connected 24/7.

Can you imagine what the supply chain of a EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) would be like if we included all these advances?

  • Improvement of Inventories

Despite the time and effort dedicated to managing inventories, we still face situations where we are lacking a certain number of units of a product when we thought we had enough. But what if we could automatically know how many there are and how many we need? Just like the fridge can tell you what products have expired, an inventory based on the IoT would tell you if a product is running out or if you have surplus amounts of another.

  • Instant purchases:

And what if in addition to warning us it could automatically purchase the material we need? Based on a series of defined parameters, we could automate the purchasing process so that, before realising it, the material that is about to run out could be in transit. This way we would improve rotation and optimise space in our warehouses.

  • Product tracking.

While the things that customers value the most is being able to track the product they have purchased before receiving it. Currently, this tracking only informs us of the position of the product at each of its stages; however, with the IoT we could receive information about parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. Likewise, we could ensure that the shipped product has not been damaged or anticipate a solution when the goods have been damaged during transport.

As you can see, the future is already here! It’s just a matter of time and of our imagination to apply these advances to the optimisation of the supply chain. Therefore, at IKOR we work actively with our suppliers so that, combined with the automation of our systems, we can provide a better service for our customers.

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