IoT: renewal or death?

As we said in one of our earlier posts, it’s becoming more and more common to see the abbreviation IoT in reference to the interconnection of devices of a very different type which can be applied to various routines in our daily lives.

And you’re probably wondering….

How does IoT benefit the product?

  • It reduces the cost of product maintenance because it allows remote diagnosis.
  • It enhances functionality, such as by allowing the product to be switched on or off from a distance and results to be accessed remotely.
  • It stores information outside the device so no resources are taken up and also makes it possible to analyse results and monitor their development
  • It increases sales because it makes it possible for third parties to develop new applications. By having access, these third parties can use the information produced and establish new fields of application for the product.

What common features do IoT applications normally have? 

  • They are implemented with portable devices to build a network of numerous sensors, each one of which has a unique identifier.
  • They are applications that don’t need to transmit large amounts of data.
  • They require communication which is within a distance range of 20 to 300 metres (WPAN).
  • They need communication protocols that have security and encryption mechanisms.
  • They are usually powered by rechargeable batteries and demand life cycles that last several years.

Out of all the technologies that IKOR works with, which ones can be applied to IoT?

The following diagram will help us to gain a better understanding of the technologies which we specialise in at IKOR and which you may find useful for your IoT applications;


We hope this post has helped you understand a little more about this new field that is opening up before us.

If you have any doubts or queries that you would like to ask us about this subject, we will be delighted to help you…We are IKOR, Living Technology!

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