For some time there has been talk on many occasions of the term IoT, and you may wonder What does this term refer to? IoT comes from the English initials of Internet of Things and refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects to the Internet.

IoT -IKORIoT seeks to make a large variety of things or objects (RFID radiofrequency identification systems, sensors, actuators, mobile phones, etc.) capable of interacting and cooperating with others to achieve shared goals. In this way, all these solutions would cease to be “stand-alone” applications and would become “networked” applications.

IoT is a new paradigm that is gaining ground in the scene of modern wireless telecommunications. In fact, it has been classified by the US Intelligence Council as one of the 6 disruptive civilian technologies with an impact on American global sovereignty.

Basically, IoT consists of an “evolution” of what up until now was known as “Machine-to-machine” communication (M2M), expanding it towards “Machine-to-infrastructure” systems and incorporating other concepts such as:

  • Communication between different types of networks through the use of standard communication protocols.
  • Access to information through the “cloud”, where it can be processed at an application level.

Thus, people and organisations will be connected through multiple customised, continuous and safe devices and services. The predicted growth over coming years for this type of applications is exponential, as we can see in the following illustration.

IoT - IKORGroup At IKOR we are working on the main technologies involved in IoT devices: Embedded devices, wireless communications and access to the cloud.

In subsequent posts we will continue to tell you about IoT, what this technology offers users, the evolution of the network vs the Internet, IKOR technologies applicable to IoT, what IoT adds to the product, application examples, etc

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  1. Thanks for sharing and it was very informative..I need more tips from your side..I am working in Erp In India

    • Thanks for your comment. Along 2016 we will continue writing on the blog about IoT. We recommend subscribe to the blog to stay up to date. Thank you and Merry Christmas


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