We have been collaborating with the Formula Student Tecnun eRacing team for some few years ago. From IKOR side we support with our experience to these enthusiastic students of engineering, in everything is related to electronics and its related matters, from design level, as for development of prototypes or purchase of materials.
From this collaboration framework, they have sent us a post about how they see IKOR, and we are delighted to share it…

IKOR is a multinational company that offers design, development and manufacturing services for electronic circuits. For a few years ago, IKOR was a sponsor of the team, either today that we are tecnun eRacing, or a few years ago when the teams had not been merged yet.

Their support is translated both in the form of material for electronic circuits, as well as advice on the design and manufacture of both electronic circuits and the enclosures that support them, using the Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP of our supplier Mausa.

This season we have renewed the sponsorship agreement and we are delighted to say that the support received, like other years, is excellent, in addition to the personal attention and very focused on the activities to which we dedicate ourselves. An example of this are all the problems and difficulties that they have helped us to solve, and that continue to help us to solve, the design and manufacture of the electronics of the new single-seater, the TeR19.

One of the problems we faced last year was the latching circuit we had to reset any possible BMS or IMD failure that could happen in the vehicle. Our problem was that, pressing the “reset” button, even if there was a failure, the relay did not change state. This season they have helped us to look for some alternatives to our circuit to be able to solve this problem, advising us different types of relays or designs.

Another problem we had was with the CAN Bus communication of the car. IKOR has advised us on issues of protections, filters, insulation and positions of the components, with the aim that the noise does not affect the Bus.

In addition, a goal of the team for this season was the design of an active swing circuit for the cells. In this project, IKOR has advised us on components to use, parameters to modify to improve their operation, etc.

On the other hand, IKOR has been a very active sponsor with us. Last November we had the opportunity to visit their facilities in Zuatzu. There we had the opportunity to show the single-seater to the members of the company, at the same time that they showed us their facilities.

Source: Tecnun e-Racing 

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