For IKOR and in general, when we talk in terms of EMS, it’s easy to guess what a product’s transfer Service consists of: we can summarise it as taking the steps necessary to be able to manufacture a product at one Plant (destination) that is already being manufactured at another Plant (origin).

The advantages that we can obtain with this may be a reduction in manufacturing costs, facilitating access to markets closer to the destination plant, increasing manufacturing capacity, reducing the risk of natural disasters that may occur at the plant of origin… Or, the most usual of all, a combination of several of these factors.

 This Service, however, is more complicated than it may apparently seem. Anyone who has gone through the process knows that the work to be carried out goes far beyond “translating and moving manufacturing files and instructions” between two locations: the product know-how for all stages from the purchase of components to the final delivery of the product must be transferred, providing a response for all the intermediate requirements (material and process traceability, manufacturing tool design, test method maintenance…).

In addition to technical aspects, others of a logistical and quality nature must be considered. For the former, we must synchronise the product’s ramp-up and ramp-down, managing safety stock, having contingency plans that ensure the supply of the product to the client in the event that difficulties arise, managing transport, customs, taxes, etc. For the latter, it is fundamental to transfer requirements, agreements, and contracts on defective levels, complaint response times, and 8D, FMEA, PPAP requirements.

At IKOR Group  we have a great deal of experience in the development of this Service. Our presence in the main centres of global electronic activity has long since been a competitive advantage that our Clients acknowledge. In addition to allowing us to purchase components in the countries that offer the best prices, our Plants in Spain, Mexico, and China have the same ERP system, production resources, quality systems, and operating processes  greatly reducing the risks of these transfer processes. And to guarantee its success, the whole process is supervised and approved by specialists incorporated into the Corporate team.

This is how at IKOR Group we help you improve your competitiveness. It doesn’t matter where you’re located: we have the resources and people to help you manufacture and take your product to where you need it.

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