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I like Shanghai. I have visited this city of contrasts several times, where ancient temples coexist with modern skyscrapers, and where Lamborghinis and Porsches share the streets with old souped-up electric bicycles carrying entire families. It is a city that continually surprises and which I encourage you to visit as soon as you get the chance. And when you do, there’s a place you have to visit: the Marriage Market in People’s Square, beside metro exit number 9.

I saw it last Christmas while with my wife and children. The market had attracted a large group of surprised tourists who watched how parents looked for partners for their children, sitting beside boards or umbrellas that displayed the features of their “product” on sheets of paper: place of birth, age, weight, height, zodiac sign, financial and job situation…

When we left the park, we all joked:

  • “Not bad for a first screening…”,
  • “The sheet really does have all the information…”,
  • “But they’ll have to meet in person before they marry, won’t they”.

I’m sure we both agree on the answer, don’t we? For important decisions, and even if the references can help us to classify the different alternatives, we need to know the details and we’ll only make a decision if we’re convinced that every important detail has been covered. In our activity at IKOR, we often face situations where these details are essential, like when we work on the development of products whose time-to-market is critical, or when a customer asks us to give them a cost estimate for the manufacture of a certain product..

Even if it is not always the determining factor, the product’s price is a relevant aspect for almost all the products that OEMs put on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to have it “under control” throughout the life cycle of the product, taking it into account even before the product has been designed. At this stage, when many aspects are not yet defined, having a “sufficiently precise” reference of the future price of the product will help to decide on its commercial viability. At IKOR we tackle this need by offering our customers two scenarios in which we can guide them regarding the future manufacturing cost of their product.

On the one hand, when there is no detailed information of the product available (or there is not enough time to make a precise calculation), we propose a non-binding estimate of the product’s price and, if applicable, its development and/or industrialisation costs. This non-binding estimate does not involve a commitment by either party, but it can be very useful for the OEM to make their decision.

On the other hand, if the OEM knows the features of the product in detail, at IKOR we can prepare a formal offer that involves a fulfillment commitment in the event of being accepted by the Customer through an Order. Among the most relevant features we would have the Technical and regulatory specifications (in the event of requiring a Development project), the complete BOM (including the part-number, name of the manufacturer and the existing LOAs), the critical features of the PCB, the definition of the Test and other additional processes (the cleaning of the PCB, tropicalisation, traceability, packaging), or the manufacturing location and delivery of the good, etc.). As part of the execution of this formal offer, there is frequently a monitoring of the status of the components included in the Customer’s BOM, which will make it possible to identify problems in the purchase of components in time.

As it is easy to see, the volume of the batch to be manufactured is an essential parameter in any of these scenarios and should be considered an essential piece of information in both.

We can conclude the article by pointing out that the time required for its execution and the precision of the resulting information are different in both scenarios. At IKOR we want to offer you the best service, and we will adapt to the information that you have available at each moment to help you always make the best decision.

If you want to learn more about our Services, you can visit our website. And don’t forget to consider Shanghai as your next holiday destination. You can learn more about the marriage market mentioned above via this link. Have a happy stay.

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