The main difficulty of the supply chain in the electronics sector are the long lead times of electronic components that force us to work with forecasts that in most cases are unreliable. We dedicate a lot of effort to processing this information and even launched the MRP in the knowledge that the customer will change their forecasts and will force us to repeatedly relaunch and plan the same manufacturing run.

For this reason, at IKOR, in collaboration with DIT Consultoria, we are preparing to migrate to a series of pull systems exclusively designed by and for us that will allow us to respond in the most efficient way to the needs of our customers. PULL Systems work with restocking/order points at all points of the supply chain, in this way when the minimum level is reached a signal is generated upstream requesting the restocking of material, semi-finished or the finished product. Of course it is necessary to hold regular meetings with customers to detect possible variations in the demand and to correct the system’s parameters if necessary.

One of the many advantages that this system offers is the itemised purchase of raw material, which enables the suppression of many non-valuable tasks that planners carry out. Depending on the consumption of the part its Lead Time, the frequency of the supplier’s deliveries and other parameters, we define the ideal rate of stockage and feed the information into the ERP.

IKOR will work with different models depending on the characteristics of each customer, always seeking to offer an excellent rate of service while taking care of stock levels and reducing non-valuable tasks. We invite you to read the following post “Foundations for the migration from on-demand manufacturing to a PULL LEAN method for type A Customers” where you can read about some of the conclusions derived from the shared project that we are carrying out with DIT Consultoría.

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  1. Interesante articulo sobre el sistema pull, el cual a diferencia del forecast (pronostico) permite una mejor planificacion en base a demanda cierta. Mencionar tambien que la filosofia lean manufacturing y la filosofia six sigma han evolucionado para formar conjuntamente el “lean six sigma”, que permite reduccion de muda o desperdicio, reduccion de la variabilidad del producto, mejor aprovechamiento del tiempo. Les recomiendo visitar el siguiente programa certificado por la ASQ American Society for Quality diplomado six sigma . Saludos!


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