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Formula Student is a series of international motor sport events in which teams of students from different universities compete in the design and construction of a single seat racing car.

Formula Student has its origins in the United States, where, in the early 1980s, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) organised the first competition. Since then, competitions have sprung up all around the world, with the outstanding Formula Student competition being the one held in Germany, according to the experts.

Today there is an umbrella organisation that manages the competition and the teams on a worldwide basis, but the teams also compete in semi-independent competitions organised in each country. These competitions have a number of common challenges and regulations, but the standard of the teams, the dates and the internal organisation can vary greatly from one to another.

The day-to-day life of a member of a Formula Student team consists of working in a team of engineers: designing and implementing a project whose technical component is vital, facing significant technological challenges, meeting specific deadlines and defined regulatory requirements, and all in competition with other teams. This forces the students to undertake work that is both technical and “real”, as well as providing them with job skills and bringing them into contact with the companies in the sectors where engineering has a greater presence.

The competition consists of two sections: the static and dynamic.

  • In the static section, the team members present their knowledge of the car with a defense of the design, an analysis of the costs and a business plan for the sale of their single seat racing car. This section accounts for 40% of the total score.
  • In the dynamic section, a check is first carried out to confirm that the single seat car complies with the technical and safety standards. Then, if it gets past this section, the car is taken to the circuit to race.

Being part of a Formula Student team allows its members to develop personally and to work in a way that is very similar to the business world.

With the backing of high-profile engineers from the industry, such as Ross Brawn, director of the Mercedes F1 team, the aim is to inspire and develop innovative engineers and entrepreneurs.

Tecnun Motorsport visit IKOR

This being an initiative based on technological innovation and professional development, IKOR sponsors Tecnun FS Motorsport team, providing know-how linked to the development of electronics. This year’s objective is for the team to participate in two competitions: an international competition (Germany or England), and another in Spain, at the Montmelo circuit.

Best of luck to the team – go for it!


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