I am sure that if you take part in the decision making that defines the course of your business, at some time you will have been discouraged by a headline like this one. I completely disagree with it. I feel lucky; I work in an electronics company where innovation is part of our day-to-day experience, […]

A while ago, I was reading an article about a concept that at the time was unfamiliar to me, which it called “Technical Debt”, but as I read more I began to understand what it meant. The concept refers to the costs that companies have to bear to correct “bad jobs” that are often knowingly […]

A sonnet Violante bids me write, Such grief I hope never again to see, They say a sonnet’s made of fourteen lines Lo and behold, before this line go three. … This is how Lope de Vega’s ingenious response to his professor Violante begins, and this is how we wanted to begin this piece, not […]

The ideal goal in electronic manufacturing is to do everything right in the first place. If we succeeded, we could eliminate testing. What is the point of testing something that we know is right? It is a waste of time that does not add value and could also lead to uncertainty and loss of productivity […]

Bluetooth is a wireless technology created by Ericsson in 1994 that operates on the 2.4GHz ISM band. Initially, Bluetooth was presented as a peer-to-peer wireless alternative to replace cable-based communications. Today, Bluetooth is the most used technology for exchanging data between nearby equipment (PAN, or Personal Area Network: 1m-30m) wirelessly. The “Bluetooth Special Interest Group” […]

You probably already know the story about the student who gave this answer. When he saw his teacher’s angry expression, he explained that he didn’t know whether he had wanted an accurate or fast reply. This quandary is something we face regularly: Should we do things well or finish them quickly? I’m sure I can […]

If we are wondering which process has the biggest room for improvement in the automatic component assembly process (SMT), the answer without a doubt is the screen printing or solder paste application process. It is known that this solder paste printing process produces more defects than any other process within the automatic SMD component assembly […]

Please allow me a few questions before starting this post. Have you used a social network today, or have you purchased something over the Internet? Maybe you have used your credit card? It is highly probable that you have contributed to the billion daily Google searches, to the million Facebook updates or to the more […]

Today we would like to share with you one of our most interesting projects that we are currently immersed in and which is key to our 2015 strategy. Among the important changes that are taking place in Mexico for the country’s development and energy savings, the Mexican Government decided to go ahead with the analogue […]

There are situations where sharp changes in temperature can have a devastating effect. In previous posts, we have talked about the problems involved in taking a product off the market if it malfunctions in any way, and how the traditional validation process overlooks the fact that the components used today are different from those used […]

If we had to choose the most important component of all those used during our manufacturing process, it would undoubtedly be the PCB. There are other components which are more expensive, cheaper, bigger, smaller, more complex, simpler… but the PCB always features in our circuits. It provides the basis for the other components and connects […]

It’s becoming more and more common to hear the term “smart factories”.  These are places where machines and information systems work together and communicate with each other, which provides flexibility when it comes to anticipating the variability of the product. They are also staffed by versatile and experienced workers who interact with the equipment. In […]

In the previous entry we saw what makes up additive manufacturing. Now we ask ourselves, what challenges will we face with additive manufacturing. Where will additive manufacturing take us? The term “Bits-to-Atoms” sums up the philosophy of additive manufacturing.  We can sum up Bits-to-Atoms by transferring codified information in bits into a real product. Forced […]

Additive manufacturing is a process in which a piece is manufactured by laying down successive layers of material based on a 3D model. Additive manufacturing may be based on different technologies: extrusion (FDM: Fused Deposition Modelling), sintering by laser (SLS:  Selective Laser Sintering), light curing (SLA:  Stereolithography), etc. These technologies are not new, they have […]

For IKOR and in general, when we talk in terms of EMS, it’s easy to guess what a product’s transfer Service consists of: we can summarise it as taking the steps necessary to be able to manufacture a product at one Plant (destination) that is already being manufactured at another Plant (origin). The advantages that […]

LED technology has signalled a small revolution for designers and manufacturers of electronics as well as for manufacturers of production resources. Simply by casting an eye over the products sold by any manufacturer of LEDs, we can get a real idea of the amount of applications which use this technology. Lighting, signage, heating, TV, medical applications…. […]

We’re sure you’ve heard the sentence that gives this blog its title. Today we are going to relate it to an activity that’s sure to be familiar: product pre-certification tests, those that preceed the “official” certification test required to guarantee that the product (1) will work correctly, and (2) will not generate safety problems for […]

The main difficulty of the supply chain in the electronics sector are the long lead times of electronic components that force us to work with forecasts that in most cases are unreliable. We dedicate a lot of effort to processing this information and even launched the MRP in the knowledge that the customer will change […]