In a previous post, we were talking about the importance of standardising and normalising the requirements which apply to this sector. Among other things, it involves keeping a technical file which contains all the information pertaining to the product, including a record of the tests that it has passed. In this post, we’re going to […]

Yes, I admit it: after a few trips to Shuzou , I have a Rolexx on my wrist and go for a walk in my NAIKE training shoes. And yet I would never take BAIYER painkillers and would not trust a defibrillator hanging on the wall of my gym manufactured by SIEMEMS. There are things […]

As we told you in a previous post in IKOR we have been fully involved in the process of ISO 13485 certification. Today we can say that we got it!!! Both IKOR as our design and development center IKOR Technology Centre have been certified with ISO 13485, thus becoming the first Spanish EMS to receive […]

Developing and manufacturing electronics for medical devices is a bonus for any other type of electronics, even those designed for use in the automotive industry. ISO 13485 is a specific quality standard which is designed to ensure that the necessary requirements for an electronic application in a medical environment are met. This international standard sets […]

In a previous post on the Evolution of Quality, we said that with Total Quality Management, quality is no longer seen as a cost and starts to be seen as an investment to improve profits. From this, it is easy to assume that this evolution towards Total Quality is maintained in organisations over time and […]