Many years have passed since the first failure modes and effects analysis tools were developed in the mid-20th century. FMEA (the acronym for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) was initially used in the military and aerospace sectors. In the 1970s, Ford adopted the method, which pushed it into the automotive sector. It wasn’t until the 1990s […]

A while ago, I was reading an article about a concept that at the time was unfamiliar to me, which it called “Technical Debt”, but as I read more I began to understand what it meant. The concept refers to the costs that companies have to bear to correct “bad jobs” that are often knowingly […]

Today we would like to share with you one of our most interesting projects that we are currently immersed in and which is key to our 2015 strategy. Among the important changes that are taking place in Mexico for the country’s development and energy savings, the Mexican Government decided to go ahead with the analogue […]

If we had to choose the most important component of all those used during our manufacturing process, it would undoubtedly be the PCB. There are other components which are more expensive, cheaper, bigger, smaller, more complex, simpler… but the PCB always features in our circuits. It provides the basis for the other components and connects […]

The global electronics industry (EMS) is going through profound changes as regards product and process technologies, the internal organisation of companies, the interaction between companies and forms of commercialisation. This is reflected, among other things, on the distribution of design and production activities in different countries. As has already been commented in a previous post, […]

In the world of electronics assembly, moisture can be a very dangerous threat. Components, and particularly those in plastic capsules, can absorb moisture from the atmosphere if they are not packaged correctly. When components undergo standard soldering processes, they go from room temperature to being exposed to a very high level of heat within a short […]

Beer manufacturers are to cease producing the beverage by summer. Consumers are being advised to stock up on supplies while it is still available, get used to enjoying soft drinks, or obtain equipment so that they can make beer themselves at home. How surprised would you be if this news dropped into your email inbox? […]

For some time there has been talk on many occasions of the term IoT, and you may wonder What does this term refer to? IoT comes from the English initials of “Internet of Things“ and refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects to the Internet. IoT seeks to make a large variety of things […]

In a previous post on the Evolution of Quality, we said that with Total Quality Management, quality is no longer seen as a cost and starts to be seen as an investment to improve profits. From this, it is easy to assume that this evolution towards Total Quality is maintained in organisations over time and […]

The ZigBee business model is achieving great success in providing control network and sensor wireless solutions in different industries, thus addressing the growing demand for low cost and low power connectivity. Their strategy based on the development of specific standards for different use cases, that nowadays adapt to home and building automation, sensoring, energy, lighting, […]

The increasing complexity of electronic circuit boards and the ever more demanding requirements for reliability have made ionic contamination one of the most important issues in electronic manufacturing. Even though solder pastes and fluxes used in soldering are so-called “no clean”, the ever narrowing distances between the different tracks and pads, in combination with more […]

Technological innovations and the tremendous speed at which information is spread bring about a number of changes at management level within all types of organizations. The globalization of markets prompts countries to seek growth opportunities within their domestic markets as well as in their ability to compete with foreign markets. Large companies aim at consolidating […]

Since IKOR Group was created, electronic components have been evolving constantly until today. At the beginning, all components were big compared to nowadays. And they all were what we call today PTH (Pin Through Hole), that is, components whose terminals are introduced in the PCB holes and welded on the opposite side of the component […]

In January 2013, an automotive TIER 1 commissioned us with a high volume project for the IKOR Mexico plant. It was an illumination project for cars. In total, we had to manufacture: 26 different circuits that had to fulfil two main requirements: On the one hand, make sure that each individual circuit only had the […]

For a number of years, Jalisco has positioned itself as an important industrial hub in the central-western region of Mexico, with a number of prominent industries such as livestock, agriculture and, of course, the tequila industry. However, the electronics industry has played an important role in this region. In its metropolitan area, dominated by the […]

The global EMS market is projected to reach US$231.4 billion by the year 2015, driven by the rapid increase in ownership of electronic goods in high-population and developing countries of China, India, Brazil and Russia. The continuous shift of production facilities to high cost locations is proving beneficial for Asia, East Europe, and Latin America […]

The tendency to incorporate electronics into all kinds of products is increasing exponentially, so it is becoming more and more difficult to find products on the market in which electronics are not present to a greater or lesser extent. In the current global crisis, few markets have an annual growth like that of the electronics […]