While the statistics continue to confirm that relationships are increasingly scarce and that generation after generation their duration tends to decrease, at IKOR we endeavour to contradict the statistics by having increasingly long-lasting “relationships” with our clients.

It seems like only yesterday that IKOR took its first steps as an EMS company. But that was in 1981, and 37 years have passed since then. IKOR customers at that time are still customers today, and others who have subsequently put their trust in IKOR continue to do so decade after decade.

In 1998, the IKOR family grew with the establishment of the first oversees plant in Mexico, followed in 2004 by a second plant in China, and IKOR successfully continued to disprove the statistics with relationships with its customers that continued to be long and fruitful regardless of the location of our premises.

How is it possible for each and every IKOR plant to maintain business relationships with its customers for decades?

How is it possible that, regardless of the interlocutors, who change over the years both at IKOR and within customer organisations, these customers continue to work with IKOR decade after decade?

How is it possible that when large multinationals acquire some of our customers they continue to put their trust in IKOR?

How is it possible that, with the great technological changes over the years, both within the customer organisations themselves and in electronics and technology in general, customers continue to work with IKOR?

In short, how is it possible to keep these business relationships alive and healthy after so many years?

At IKOR we rely on four fundamental principles, which apply to any kind of relationship: trust, humility, flexibility and evolution.

Trust is the mainstay of any relationship, and is based on transmitting security and peace of mind to the customer. IKOR transmits this type of trustworthiness to its customers through its international certifications, its code of conduct (complying with the EICC code of conduct), the promises it fulfils and its daily activities to meet their needs.

Humility to recognise that we are not perfect and that nobody knows everything. For this reason, we prefer teamwork with our customers, because it makes both of us wiser and stronger.

Over time, every relationship goes through both sweet and more difficult moments, and therefore, over the years, a degree of flexibility is necessary to adapt to each other and seek new solutions. IKOR has as many ways of working as there are solutions required by its customers, because each relationship with a customer is unique and special.

Organisations, like people, evolve over time. IKOR is a company that constantly evolves in line with the needs of its customers. Evolution in terms of its productive capacities, its global positioning, its technologies and the services and solutions it provides to its customers.

Up to now we have enjoyed 37 years of long and fruitful relationships with our customers, because at IKOR we regard our customers as “partners”, which is why we have nurtured, nurture and will nurture our relationships as if they were relationships between two people, so that our customers will continue to celebrate anniversaries of working with IKOR, always based on trust, humility, flexibility and constant evolution.







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