The electronics industry has become a highly globalised and strategic sector, due to the fact that it continues to play a greater part in product manufacturing and content for a range of industries, such as the automotive, electrical appliance and medical equipment sectors, and its constant and rapid evolution boost the productivity of companies.

This sector operates in a highly globalised market which is increasingly specialised. The result is that companies have to fiercely compete more and more in order to find means which enable them to meet the needs of clients who are ever more demanding.

The strategies used by leading manufacturers of electronic products are based on keeping down costs, in both designing manufacturing processes and logistics, as well as high levels of investment into research and technological design, getting the most out of the competitive advantage that each country in the world has to offer.

Another key strategy of these industry leading companies is to strive for a close relationship with the client through their production centres and design. The life cycles of projects and/or products can be divided into three stages: novelty, maturity and standardisation, and it is possible to make a geographical distinction between the different links in the value chain. The various stages of these life cycles can take place in different countries, and this is where clients require the support of their technology partner or EMS.

Fifteen years ago, the IKOR Group decided to take the strategic decision of locating its production plants in two regions which are key for the electronics industry, away from its headquarters in Europe. One of these regions is Jalisco, the “Silicon Valley of Mexico”. It offers proximity and provides clients with support in terms of not only manufacturing, but also engineering services through production plants in America, thereby responding to the needs of clients all the way from Canada to Brazil. The location for the second production plant was the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), China. This is one of the main hubs for electronics manufacturing in north-east China and is the chosen location for a significant number of European and American manufacturers which are leaders in the high-technology industry.

The IKOR Group is therefore able to meet the needs of global clients that are looking for a flexible global response, proximity and real-time communication with clients for various centres spanning three continents, the prompt transfer of products and the transfer of “know-how” without the need to “start from scratch” – in other words, literally 24-hour support with global teams dedicated to global clients.

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