We have been collaborating with the Formula Student Tecnun eRacing team for some few years ago. From IKOR side we support with our experience to these enthusiastic students of engineering, in everything is related to electronics and its related matters, from design level, as for development of prototypes or purchase of materials. From this collaboration framework, […]

Many years have passed since the first failure modes and effects analysis tools were developed in the mid-20th century. FMEA (the acronym for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) was initially used in the military and aerospace sectors. In the 1970s, Ford adopted the method, which pushed it into the automotive sector. It wasn’t until the 1990s […]

Having reached the age of 49, I am braced for the shock of turning 50, but I have to say that as far as my health is concerned, apart from the odd broken bone in adolescence due to the carelessness typical of that age, when it comes to repairs and visits to the doctor, life […]

I think everyone agrees that time flies. It’s already been two years since the last edition of Electronica Munich, the world’s leading international electronics industry trade fair. The 2018 edition is just around the corner and IKOR will have a greater presence than ever. The world’s leading electronics trade fair will host a vast array […]

Additive manufacturing, one of the technologies involved in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, is emphatically stamping its presence on industry as it becomes increasingly simple, intuitive and accessible. This means an increase in capabilities, variety of materials and applications, all of them aimed at innovation, creativity, process improvement and the profitability associated with them. Going beyond […]

“Humans and dinosaurs will be forced to live together. We are entering into a new era. Welcome to the Jurassic World.” Dr. Ian Malcolm launches into his final statement in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the saga’s most recent instalment by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona. The echo of his words are still falling upon the […]

While the statistics continue to confirm that relationships are increasingly scarce and that generation after generation their duration tends to decrease, at IKOR we endeavour to contradict the statistics by having increasingly long-lasting “relationships” with our clients. It seems like only yesterday that IKOR took its first steps as an EMS company. But that was […]

“Ne tirez pas sur le pianiste…” The warning was carefully written in beautiful and elegant red handwriting, on the enormous mirror above the bar counter. Cigarette smoke in the air, bottles standing to attention behind the bar and the sea of hats of the agitated crowd; and above twinkle of hurried toasts, the words seemed […]

Although I am not a particularly enthusiastic follower of the sport, I must admit that I do like football and I was looking forward with a certain amount of impatience to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the opportunity to see teams from different nations who understand football in different ways, even if many of […]

I’m sure that most of you will have made paper aeroplanes when you were children. And you have thrown them into the air in an attempt to keep them flying as long as possible before they fall to the ground. I’m also sure that you realised that by changing the type of paper and the […]


I am sure that if you take part in the decision making that defines the course of your business, at some time you will have been discouraged by a headline like this one. I completely disagree with it. I feel lucky; I work in an electronics company where innovation is part of our day-to-day experience, […]

IKOR_Supply Chain_IoT

Cars that drive themselves, lights that turn on when we enter the room, home appliances which can be activated with your phone… You may not have heard of it, but all these technological advances are part of the increasingly well-known Internet of things (IoT). As we commented in previous posts, the IoT consists of equipping […]

Although it’s not the best time of day, due to the number of people in the supermarket, I have a good or bad habit of doing the shopping just after I leave work. I take advantage of that moment, on the way home, to disconnect and plan dinner. And there’s one thing (perhaps it’s my […]

Formula Student seeks to develop better and more complete engineers through international competitions that test the ability of teams to manage their human and other resources. The fusion of the two teams at Tecnun has given rise to a single team that will represent the engineering school with its electric car: Tecnun eRacing. This single team, […]

There are bound to be various factors at play when a company experiences strong and continued growth over time. In my opinion, the success stories most likely have three of these in common. The first is the ecosystem that the company is immersed in, and how the company interacts with it. Being surrounded by a […]

Email is a wonderful tool which is essential to our day-to-day work, but are we using it properly? According to the Radicati report on email statistics, we send and receive an average of 127 emails at work every day, a number which keeps on getting bigger. The goal of this post is to get us […]

A while ago, I was reading an article about a concept that at the time was unfamiliar to me, which it called “Technical Debt”, but as I read more I began to understand what it meant. The concept refers to the costs that companies have to bear to correct “bad jobs” that are often knowingly […]