ZigBee technology

The ZigBee business model is achieving great success in providing control network and sensor wireless solutions in different industries, thus addressing the growing demand for low cost and low power connectivity.

Their strategy based on the development of specific standards for different use cases, that nowadays adapt to home and building automation, sensoring, energy, lighting, new connectivity demands of the health sector, innovative services in the field of commerce and telecommunications, show figures of more than one thousand products currently on the market.

The potentiality of the protocol and its reliability allow deployment of high density networks in equipment with flexibility and ease of operation.

This technological development is supported by the Zigbee Alliance, an organisation of private top prestige companies that today consists of 11 Promoter, 143 Participant and 229 Adopter, and that also have the support of the most important international certification bodies.

ZigBee is available in two different stacks: ZigBee PRO and ZigBee, that define how communication operates within networks. Both have been optimised for low power consumption and since 2012 they have had a new and innovative feature, Green Power, which allows harvesting energy from the environment and even running battery-free self-powered devices.

Another major advance of ZigBee is their ZigBee IP specification, the first open standard for a wireless “mesh” IPv6-based network that provides direct connections to the Internet to the network elements. Definitely one of the big drivers of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IKOR Group has been working with ZigBee since 2007. We have specialised in the design of communication equipment in high-density and autonomy MESH network. This experience has allowed us to market a water meter telemetry product: iFlow.

Currently, we have installed about 100,000 iFlow telemetry modules in key administrators in Spain and are immersed in the process of internationalisation, with product deployments in Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia.

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