There is no doubt that the Start-up phenomenon is seeing a lot of coverage in the Spanish media, logical if we analyse the potential of so many young unemployed and their extensive education. The alternative of self-employment is consolidating itself as a way to channel their eagerness to work, and their fresh ideas attract the attention of a variety of agents, investment funds, consolidated businesses, etc.

The former seek an opportunity to achieve high profitability, evidently with a high level of risk and the latter maybe with a more diverse objective; the search for talent, for technological innovation, to increase their product portfolio, to penetrate new sectors, etc.

What is the position of the IKOR company with respect to this?

Our objective is to support, with our know-howand with our productive skills, start-ups with a technological foundation where our contribution can be key for their development.

We are committed to analysing each case and to adapt our collaboration model depending on the needs.

Although in general, “traditional” companies like us have extensive experience in the development of our own businesses, we have much to learn regarding the way in which we can promote these new business ideas and channel the talent of their creators.

IKOR_Euskadi_Barnetegi_2016At IKOR we collaborate on different fronts with agents from the Basque Government through the so-called BICs (Business Innovation Centres), and with private business accelerators such as for example Berriup.

We have recently participated at the Euskadi Barnetegui 2016 carried out in Bilbao on 13 April, where we had the opportunity to meet 30 new start-ups and their business ideas.

In upcoming sessions we will continue the learning process under the tutorship of Mario López de Ávila and under the initiative of the Basque Government’s Economic Development and Competitiveness Department.


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