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Car lighting systems have evolved immensely in recent times. Acetylene lamps were used to light the roads in late 1800. A couple of centuries later things have changed considerably. The latest technology has allowed LEDs to become the cutting edge in lighting, generating homogeneous and long-lasting lighting surfaces.

Car manufacturers are now incorporating LED-based lighting on a massive scale. Of the USD19bn that lighting accessories represent, today, USD 4bn are based on this technology.

Up until now LED-based lighting had mainly focused on applications for the central and rear brake lights. However, this has now changed radically as today 70% of the interior convenience lights and 50% of the dashboard backlights already have LED technology. In addition, this technology is being increasingly used in the front lamps of the car; not as the main source of light but as a support.

This technology is developing at this rate for 3 reasons:

• Due to its flexibility, LED technology answers to the need for differentiation among cars and for introducing new lighting-based functionalities.

• The price of LEDs is falling significantly while their light-emitting capacity is growing.

• The need for replacement (spare parts) with this technology is minimal and this is aligned with the increased guarantee period that car manufacturers are offering.

At IKOR we work daily to manufacture electronic components for dashboards, lights and automatic gear changes, among others, used in touring cars, industrial vehicles, buses and motorcycles. This specialisation has allowed us to receive the TS 16949 Certification, a guarantee of the level of requirements for our processes and quality control system.

In a second post we will talk about the impact of LED technology’s industrial structure.

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  1. Un cambio para mejor que no hemos llegado a sufrir del todo aun pero que sin duda va a llegar en los años próximos vistas las ventajas de la iluminación led sobre las convencionales

    • Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, sobre todo por que es de vital importancia para los fabricantes las ventajas que ofrece;
      – Flexibilidad.
      – El precio.
      – La necesidad de reposición con esta tecnología se minimiza y esto está alineado con el incremento de los años de garantía.

      Si os apreció interesante este post os invitamos a leer la segunda parte;
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por la lectura de nuestro blog al que te invitamos a suscribirte.
      Saludos cordiales

  2. -Lovely Sharing ! We are leading light bulb brands in india known for its open-minded products and a combination LED lighting range.


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