As the name implies, Flip Chips are LEDs where the semiconductor has been flipped over. In other words, it has been turned face down. The advantages over traditional LEDs are innumerable and some were mentioned in the previous post. The semiconductor is connected by multiple paths to the anode and cathode so that the mechanical […]


As we have already commented in other articles in our blog during the last few years, the world of lighting is experiencing an almost overwhelming revolution. In a very short time we have gone from living happily with lamps with light bulbs to converting all lighting to use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. The more […]


LED lighting allows us to create an atmosphere to our taste, as it allows us to combine infinite colours with multiple levels of intensity, thus adapting to how we feel or even to what we want to do. On the other hand, the rapid development of mobile technologies has meant that lighting control systems have […]


In the previous post three reasons were mentioned to explain why Led technology is developing at an exponential rate. Focused on the automotive sector to absorb this exponential growth it is clear that the current situation of the Led-based lighting industry will go through structural changes in the next few years. First of all, due […]

foto faro led- IKOR

Car lighting systems have evolved immensely in recent times. Acetylene lamps were used to light the roads in late 1800. A couple of centuries later things have changed considerably. The latest technology has allowed LEDs to become the cutting edge in lighting, generating homogeneous and long-lasting lighting surfaces. Car manufacturers are now incorporating LED-based lighting […]