IKOR Festival Cine San Sebastian

Pan Jinlian…  it’s been almost a decade since I heard that mysterious name for the first and only time. Suzhou, Jiangsu province, two women lower their voices while they observe the carefree stroll of a young woman along the lake shore. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about her but something strange about her appearance draws everyone’s […]


“You must understand what Culture means to us. Culture is our pride. Culture is our sacrifices. Culture is our noblest symbol of excellence. Culture is a tribute to the democratic philosophy. Culture is our aspiration and our name. Culture is the essence of Greekness…” These words were spoken 30 years ago at the Oxford Union. […]

IKOR- San Sebastián

If San Sebastián features in your plans for this summer and your idea is simply to have a rest, we’re not going to make it easy for you … Because even four weeks isn’t long enough to enjoy the city in summer: the Semana Grande, walking through the Cristina Enea park, or along the Paseo […]