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The word domotics is not at all new. However, for a long time it seems to have been consigned to science fiction films, or at least, beyond the reach of the domestic user.

In recent months we have seen many news articles related to domotics.  The commitment of cutting-edge Internet companies is clear, from Apple to Google, establishing ties with or even carrying out takeovers of start-ups with technological products. Large manufacturers, such as for example Phillips, Samsung or Belkin, are creating ranges of products that are connected to the Internet.

But what has changed to bring about this resurgence?

From our point of view several factors are driving this trend.

On the one hand, the emergence of new technologies, in particular wireless technology that solves various aspects that were holding back the traditional protocols of this sector, such as the difficulty of installation, the lack of interoperability, the costs derived from use licences, the poor adaptation to existing buildings…

On the other, the democratisation of technology, where the number of mobile phones per inhabitant has grown to the point where we can connect to the Internet practically anywhere. New “wearable” devices will help to accelerate the process, as they are an additional way to interact with the devices that surround us that is even more natural.

Last of all, maybe the need to control the energy, forcing manufacturers like IKOR to develop electronic devices capable of only consuming energy when it is strictly necessary.

The IKOR group has been working for more than 30 years, developing electronic devices for the domestic and residential environment.  From magnetic strip locks, household appliance control electronics, lighting dimmers and thermostats, to many other devices that with new advances can be turned into “smart” devices and become part of the most advanced domotic ecosystem.

IKOR’s team of engineers provides all its Know how to the sector to turn this “science fiction” into real everyday products.

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