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Today in our Blog, we’re looking at Sigfox technology – the first cellular network devoted exclusively to the IoT (Internet of Things).

The adventure began back in 2011, when a French start-up set itself the challenge of developing a simple, universal telecoms infrastructure that enabled low-energy devices to communicate with a low data rate and at an accessible cost.

That’s what sets Sigfox apart in terms of strategy. Whereas other operators are forever striving to create networks that are quicker and with a greater capacity for  sending data, Sigfox focuses on enabling simple equipment which runs on standard batteries to communicate.

Operating on licence-free ISM bands (868MhZ in Europe, 902 Mhz in the USA), has built up an extensive infrastructure of gateways, creating star networks which overlap. This means reliability is guaranteed due to redundancy and the extent of coverage.

Today, the company has complete coverage in several European countries including Spain and, thanks to its partnership with mobile network operators, it continues to expand rapidly through Europe and the USA.

Bidirectional communication over two channels at 100bps, simple installation – as there is no need to configure equipment according to its geographical position – and the fact that communications are secure are key factors to ensure success in the competitive world of IoT.

All of this is in addition to the fact that each device can send 140 messages of 12 bytes per day at an annual cost less a dozen euros, which means that this technology is highly suited to average devices on the street.

It is now common to find products or services on the market which have this technology built-in, such as domestic alarm centres (home security systems), parking controls (Smart City), and systems to locate bicycles, scooters or even pets.

The Ikor Group has been working on wireless communications since 2006. We have amassed a wealth of experience since we started out (with over 100,000 smart water meters installed), which enables us to bring the best that technology has to offer to customers using traditional products, providing them with the key to transforming their businesses.

We firmly believe that IoT connectivity will boost the know-how of each product-company, turning that knowledge into value services for the customer.

Perhaps, it could work for you too…!

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