Paradigms are usually the main obstacle that companies have to face when they want to reinvent themselves. It is extremely hard to be convinced about a new method when certain practices have been used for a long time and may have even become unquestionable, even when the results are not the best. However, it’s infinitely more comfortable to continue with a habit than to change it.

And I use the word “convinced” because that’s what needs to happen in order for teams to assimilate new practices. Let’s look at an example: interlock your hands and adopt a comfortable and relaxed position. Was your left thumb resting on the right one? This is undoubtedly a position that you have adopted on countless occasions and which we could say is a paradigm. Now unlink your fingers and interlock them again, but this time all the fingers on your right hand must be interlocked with the ones on your left the other way around, so that the right thumb is resting on the left one. This time, the position is practically the same as the first one and yet you don’t feel as comfortable. Congratulations, you’re experiencing a paradigm shift.

If nobody gives you a good reason to change, you’ll probably never adopt a new position and will only do so if somebody asks you. However, if I tell you that there is a study which shows that people who interlock their fingers in the second way are 75% less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, you might train your mind to change the paradigm.

Galileo Galilei broke with established theories (or paradigms) that had been in place since Aristotle introduced them and he was engaged in a fierce battle with the church and those who defended the geocentric model. Thanks to him, our vision of the universe changed and this demonstrates that we sometimes have to go against the grain and reinvent ourselves.

Here at IKOR, we’d like to end this post with some good news – a human being can adopt a new paradigm in just 21 days,…

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