Yes, I admit it: after a few trips to Shuzou , I have a Rolexx on my wrist and go for a walk in my NAIKE training shoes. And yet I would never take BAIYER painkillers and would not trust a defibrillator hanging on the wall of my gym manufactured by SIEMEMS. There are things […]


As we told you in a previous post in IKOR we have been fully involved in the process of ISO 13485 certification. Today we can say that we got it!!! Both IKOR as our design and development center IKOR Technology Centre have been certified with ISO 13485, thus becoming the first Spanish EMS to receive […]

Ikor- Navidad

These last words of 2015 to wish you Merry Christmas and a shining 2016! FELIZ HAPPY 2016!


Bluetooth is a wireless technology created by Ericsson in 1994 that operates on the 2.4GHz ISM band. Initially, Bluetooth was presented as a peer-to-peer wireless alternative to replace cable-based communications. Today, Bluetooth is the most used technology for exchanging data between nearby equipment (PAN, or Personal Area Network: 1m-30m) wirelessly. The “Bluetooth Special Interest Group” […]


Since the beginning of the additive manufacturing boom, we have all heard that NASA has sent a 3D printer into space, that skulls have been reconstructed in patients with severe injuries, and that they are now working with human tissue … But 3D printers are now established in the daily activities of businesses, including Ikor, […]

IKOR Results

You probably already know the story about the student who gave this answer. When he saw his teacher’s angry expression, he explained that he didn’t know whether he had wanted an accurate or fast reply. This quandary is something we face regularly: Should we do things well or finish them quickly? I’m sure I can […]


The “Boundary-Scan” testing system, also known as “JTAG” , is a testing technique in electronic systems for integrated circuits or chips (microprocessors, microcontrollers, memories, chipsets,etc.) To do this, they must be compatible with this system in order to be able to verify their electrical interconnects which, due to their encapsulated format, are not physically accessible […]

IKOR normas medioambientales

In the field of electronic assembly there have always been regulations of one sort or another that have affected both the materials and processes that we use for manufacturing. From the classics, such as IEC, UNE, EN, DIN, ISO, IPC, which govern aspects ranging from functionality, robustness and criteria for the acceptability of assemblies to […]


If we are wondering which process has the biggest room for improvement in the automatic component assembly process (SMT), the answer without a doubt is the screen printing or solder paste application process. It is known that this solder paste printing process produces more defects than any other process within the automatic SMD component assembly […]


The concept of industry 4.0 is now in vogue, as a cursory glance around the internet will tell you. In this period of economic slowdown, every country wants to climb onto the industry 4.0 bandwagon as they see it as a catalyst and something that can spark the recovery of industry. In Germany, the “Industry […]


Please allow me a few questions before starting this post. Have you used a social network today, or have you purchased something over the Internet? Maybe you have used your credit card? It is highly probable that you have contributed to the billion daily Google searches, to the million Facebook updates or to the more […]

IKOR- San Sebastián

If San Sebastián features in your plans for this summer and your idea is simply to have a rest, we’re not going to make it easy for you … Because even four weeks isn’t long enough to enjoy the city in summer: the Semana Grande, walking through the Cristina Enea park, or along the Paseo […]


Today we would like to share with you one of our most interesting projects that we are currently immersed in and which is key to our 2015 strategy. Among the important changes that are taking place in Mexico for the country’s development and energy savings, the Mexican Government decided to go ahead with the analogue […]


If we remember our previous post, we made a brief introduction to the DMAIC cycle as a tool to improve processes: D. Define; M. Measure; A. Analyse; I. Improve and C. Control. In this post we will talk about the Improve stage. “Improvement is not possible if we do not measure what is happening and […]


There are situations where sharp changes in temperature can have a devastating effect. In previous posts, we have talked about the problems involved in taking a product off the market if it malfunctions in any way, and how the traditional validation process overlooks the fact that the components used today are different from those used […]

Measure- IKOR

If you remember in the previous post we gave a brief introduction to the DMAIC cycle as a tool to improve processes. D. Define, M. Measure, A. Analyse,  I. Improve and C. Control. In this post we will talk about the “MEASURE” stage. “The rigorous and objective measurement of processes is the starting point for […]


LED lighting allows us to create an atmosphere to our taste, as it allows us to combine infinite colours with multiple levels of intensity, thus adapting to how we feel or even to what we want to do. On the other hand, the rapid development of mobile technologies has meant that lighting control systems have […]


Paradigms are usually the main obstacle that companies have to face when they want to reinvent themselves. It is extremely hard to be convinced about a new method when certain practices have been used for a long time and may have even become unquestionable, even when the results are not the best. However, it’s infinitely […]