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Christmas is approaching and many of you will have a plane ticket to meet your families and celebrate Christmas.

Close to IKOR Spain is the Loiu Airport,  in Bilbao, which 3.8 million passengers pass through each year. Fortunately, it is a small airport in comparison to others like Madrid, which has almost 40 million passengers per year. That fact makes it quite fluid.

Airports are a clear example of waste and everyone is aware of that. I quote verbatim one of the world’s main airport operators whose website -and aware of the inefficiencies of airports- suggests to passengers “Do not worry about arriving at the airport too soon, since you can use the facilities in the passenger area intended to make your trip more comfortable”. I don’t think that anyone in the world would find comfortable the 4 hours on average that it takes each European to reach their destination, according to “Flightpath 2050 –Europe`s Vision for Aviation”.

I will show you a drawing of my last trip to our IKOR China,  plant in Shanghai and of a weekend trip to a European city that I went on recently. The time wasted is in red.Tiempos - Blog IKOR

By the end of the intercontinental journey I had shown my passport (which I am not particularly proud of) 5 times, I was given two boarding passes that had several labels stuck to them to ensure the traceability of my luggage, 3 more stickers were stuck to my luggage, I slept on a stranger’s shoulder in a waiting hall and I was made to remove my shoes twice. I just wanted to travel to Shanghai! When my company paid for the travel expenses they just wanted to purchase the transport, nothing else.

This story, which you might find slightly amusing, is an example of what happens in many companies. The customer pays for a product and we should not make them bear the costs associated with the inefficiencies of the process and much less make them take off their shoes.

Here at IKOR we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that your flights take you to your loved ones in the safest and “Leanest” way possible.

Merry Christmas!

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