Today we would like to share with you one of our most interesting projects that we are currently immersed in and which is key to our 2015 strategy.

Among the important changes that are taking place in Mexico for the country’s development and energy savings, the Mexican Government decided to go ahead with the analogue television signal blackout nationwide. Led by the Mexican president, the Government announced its support for society’s most disadvantaged by giving out televisions that were adapted for the new technology.

All the families registered with the Sedesol (Social Development Secretariat) aid programme, will be entitled to receive a 22-inch flat-screen television, due to their inability to meet the expense of purchasing this appliance. With this, a significant part of the population will not be left without a television signal.

The number of televisions to be handed out by the Government on 31st December 2015, when the analogue blackout will occur, is 13.8 million.

After the tender process carried out by the Mexican Government, IKOR Mexico received an order to manufacture 300,000 electronic cards for the central unit of televisions by one of the most influential OEMs in global appliance sales.

This order is an important challenge for IKOR if we bear in mind that the entire order must be completed in 7 weeks due to the delivery commitments the Government has undertaken to fulfil. In order to manufacture the units it has been necessary to purchase a cutting-edge automatic component assembly line, with a capacity of 120,000 components/hour, as well as other production equipment to meet the specifications required by the customer. In addition, 200 jobs have been created, which will cover three shifts for the assembly and testing of the manufactured equipment.

The manufacturing is done at a rate of more than 400 units per hour, 24 hours a day, in order to be able to deliver 10,000 units per day.

With six months left before the blackout, it is still necessary to manufacture more than 4 million televisions. The Mexican Government has just launched another tender. IKOR Mexico hopes to at least win the manufacture of 500,000 more units during the months of August, September and October this year.

A big challenge, isn’t it?

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