We carried out Value Stream Mapping within the IKOR group to identify those operations that did not provide added value, and thought about how to reduce them or cut them out in order to offer the best possible price to our customers. This powerful tool only requires paper, a pencil and your imagination.

Let us consider a simple example: imagine a chaotic warehouse with different storage levels. When the worker begins the preparatory phase of the equipment, he needs to use machinery to move upwards to these different levels to carry out picking, and wastes time through this displacement. This time does not add value to the product and is a clear example of muda. Are our customers are willing to pay for this displacement? Absolutely NOT!

If we measure the locations and put into place high-turnover models, so that the worker has everything within his reach, and design an optimized picking route, what has happened to this displacement time we have cut? We have reduced the cost of direct labour as well as preparation times with a simple measurement, which, moreover, does not require any investment.

In the same way, we can analyse movements within the factory and deal with these by implementing efficient layout designs, reduce quality inspections by implementing poka-yokes, reduce WIP by implementing on-line supermarkets and migrating to a PULL system, and implement milk runs to optimise transport routes, among others.

If we look around us, we are sure to find that we are surrounded by thousands of examples of wastage. In IKOR, we prefer to see these as thousands of opportunities that are waiting for us. All we need to do is grab some paper and a pencil.

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