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The Smart Wave

When the first rays of the spring sun arrive, those of us who live in San Sebastian quickly turn our gaze towards the sea, with yearning eyes and a certain dose of anxiety… Because we have the great fortune of being able to grease our cogs with salty water and sand.

What kind of grease is that! Some of you may say, but yes, let me tell you how it acts as such.

We all remember the natural hustle and bustle of a city beach, but also the relaxing sound of the waves when we walk along the shore.

It’s funny, but we’ve learned to imitate that workplace hustle and bustle during the day and that restorative relaxation in the afternoons, that helps you to think, disconnected from the mobile phone that still doesn’t know how to swim.

You know, on the shore you can’t stand still, you sink into the sand…

Nor is it advisable to turn your back on the waves; here we know that every certain number of gentle waves, two or three larger ones arrive, and they can catch you if you aren’t careful, this always happens and sometimes they are even stronger.

Does that sound like a metaphor? Those of us from San Sebastian who work as a team at IKOR think it does. If you have a look at The 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) report prepared by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), you will see a detailed analysis of the big challenges that threaten industrial competitiveness. You can find the example of the countries who are at the cutting edge of focusing efforts on key aspects such as cultivating talent, optimising manufacturing costs, developing the network of suppliers – collaborators, investing in disruptive technologies.

If we have to ride one, we’re riding the “Smart wave“, that wave where we develop the most advanced hardware and link it to cutting-edge software and to increasingly integrated sensors. Where we managed to extract a multitude of data, and we deliver it to collaborators who are capable of processing Big data, and whose analysis give us that opportunity to optimise processes, be closer to our customers and be capable of offering them increasingly more valuable products.

We’re sure that we have sufficient technological capacities, with a solid and cohesive industrial fabric and with adequate sensitivity to surf that wave up to its crest.

Are you ready to come and get wet with us?

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