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The classic way in which a product, service or business is developed within a company that already has a functional core business has a well defined and very familiar sequence: Strategic thinking at management level in which it is decided that this new product, service or business is a potential blue ocean. Detailed market study […]


Paradigms are usually the main obstacle that companies have to face when they want to reinvent themselves. It is extremely hard to be convinced about a new method when certain practices have been used for a long time and may have even become unquestionable, even when the results are not the best. However, it’s infinitely […]

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Since we’ve already explained what EOQ is in the first part of this post, let’s move on to a practical exercise where we’ll calculate the POQ (Period Order Quantity –  the economic order quantity in a production period) The calculation of POQ is linked to that of EOQ and its aim is to determine the […]

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Aesop’s famous fable tells the story of an ant that, in anticipation of a tough winter and thanks to its financial solvency, stores a lot of food. The cicada, taking care not to increase its working capital, cannot store as much food and when winter comes it finds that it doesn’t have enough provisions, so […]

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Christmas is approaching and many of you will have a plane ticket to meet your families and celebrate Christmas. Close to IKOR Spain is the Loiu Airport,  in Bilbao, which 3.8 million passengers pass through each year. Fortunately, it is a small airport in comparison to others like Madrid, which has almost 40 million passengers […]

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One of the key considerations in IKOR when undertaking a LEAN project is the return on investment and that is where the first doubts arise concerning how to quantify the improvements that are achieved. How can we justify the cost of this investment ?… Firstly we must distinguish between “bottom line improvements” and “practical improvements“. […]

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The main difficulty of the supply chain in the electronics sector are the long lead times of electronic components that force us to work with forecasts that in most cases are unreliable. We dedicate a lot of effort to processing this information and even launched the MRP in the knowledge that the customer will change […]

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We carried out Value Stream Mapping within the IKOR group to identify those operations that did not provide added value, and thought about how to reduce them or cut them out in order to offer the best possible price to our customers. This powerful tool only requires paper, a pencil and your imagination. Let us […]


There are plenty of places where we can find definitions of what is Lean Manufacturing as well as the flashy Japanese words associated with this philosophy, such as “Jidoka“, “Heijunka“, “Andon“… But what is Lean really? Lean, in simple terms, means trying to be capable of offering the client that for which they are willing […]