There are situations where sharp changes in temperature can have a devastating effect. In previous posts, we have talked about the problems involved in taking a product off the market if it malfunctions in any way, and how the traditional validation process overlooks the fact that the components used today are different from those used […]


LED lighting allows us to create an atmosphere to our taste, as it allows us to combine infinite colours with multiple levels of intensity, thus adapting to how we feel or even to what we want to do. On the other hand, the rapid development of mobile technologies has meant that lighting control systems have […]


Paradigms are usually the main obstacle that companies have to face when they want to reinvent themselves. It is extremely hard to be convinced about a new method when certain practices have been used for a long time and may have even become unquestionable, even when the results are not the best. However, it’s infinitely […]

PTH Assembly-IKOR

If we had to choose the most important component of all those used during our manufacturing process, it would undoubtedly be the PCB. There are other components which are more expensive, cheaper, bigger, smaller, more complex, simpler… but the PCB always features in our circuits. It provides the basis for the other components and connects […]

IKOR Plant Spain

It’s becoming more and more common to hear the term “smart factories”.  These are places where machines and information systems work together and communicate with each other, which provides flexibility when it comes to anticipating the variability of the product. They are also staffed by versatile and experienced workers who interact with the equipment. In […]


“In October 2009, consumers in the United States were surprised by Toyota’s decision to withdraw 3.8 million vehicles from the market…” “A few months later a survey carried out by Gallup found that 31% of Americans thought that Toyota vehicles were unsafe…” It is not an isolated case: Sanyo, Bosch, Apple, Siemens and Samsung have […]


The global electronics industry (EMS) is going through profound changes as regards product and process technologies, the internal organisation of companies, the interaction between companies and forms of commercialisation. This is reflected, among other things, on the distribution of design and production activities in different countries. As has already been commented in a previous post, […]

Water drops-IKOR

In the world of electronics assembly, moisture can be a very dangerous threat. Components, and particularly those in plastic capsules, can absorb moisture from the atmosphere if they are not packaged correctly. When components undergo standard soldering processes, they go from room temperature to being exposed to a very high level of heat within a short […]

Sigfox_ IKOR

Today in our Blog, we’re looking at Sigfox technology – the first cellular network devoted exclusively to the IoT (Internet of Things). The adventure began back in 2011, when a French start-up set itself the challenge of developing a simple, universal telecoms infrastructure that enabled low-energy devices to communicate with a low data rate and […]

Obsolescencia de los componentes- IKOR

Beer manufacturers are to cease producing the beverage by summer. Consumers are being advised to stock up on supplies while it is still available, get used to enjoying soft drinks, or obtain equipment so that they can make beer themselves at home. How surprised would you be if this news dropped into your email inbox? […]

Horizon2020 - IKOR Grupo

In the previous post  we talked about the opportunity for funding for continuous improvement projects provided by the Horizon 2020 initiative. Not only is it an economic opportunity but, more importantly, a technological opportunity which allows close collaboration with companies and technology centres that are worldwide leaders. It is therefore a major opportunity for the Basque […]


The electronics industry has become a highly globalised and strategic sector, due to the fact that it continues to play a greater part in product manufacturing and content for a range of industries, such as the automotive, electrical appliance and medical equipment sectors, and its constant and rapid evolution boost the productivity of companies. This […]

3D Printers -IKOR

Additive manufacturing is a process in which a piece is manufactured by laying down successive layers of material based on a 3D model. Additive manufacturing may be based on different technologies: extrusion (FDM: Fused Deposition Modelling), sintering by laser (SLS:  Selective Laser Sintering), light curing (SLA:  Stereolithography), etc. These technologies are not new, they have […]

IKOR-producción en serie

For IKOR and in general, when we talk in terms of EMS, it’s easy to guess what a product’s transfer Service consists of: we can summarise it as taking the steps necessary to be able to manufacture a product at one Plant (destination) that is already being manufactured at another Plant (origin). The advantages that […]


The methodology known as the DMAIC cycle, a name that comes from the initials in English of the phases or stages that the methodology is made up of. D. Define; M. Measure; A. Analyse; I. Improve and C. Control It is important to see it as a cycle that does not end until all the […]

Dinero- monedas- IKOR

One of the key considerations in IKOR when undertaking a LEAN project is the return on investment and that is where the first doubts arise concerning how to quantify the improvements that are achieved. How can we justify the cost of this investment ?… Firstly we must distinguish between “bottom line improvements” and “practical improvements“. […]


We’re sure you’ve heard the sentence that gives this blog its title. Today we are going to relate it to an activity that’s sure to be familiar: product pre-certification tests, those that preceed the “official” certification test required to guarantee that the product (1) will work correctly, and (2) will not generate safety problems for […]

Lápices- IKOR Group

We carried out Value Stream Mapping within the IKOR group to identify those operations that did not provide added value, and thought about how to reduce them or cut them out in order to offer the best possible price to our customers. This powerful tool only requires paper, a pencil and your imagination. Let us […]