Bluetooth is a wireless technology created by Ericsson in 1994 that operates on the 2.4GHz ISM band. Initially, Bluetooth was presented as a peer-to-peer wireless alternative to replace cable-based communications. Today, Bluetooth is the most used technology for exchanging data between nearby equipment (PAN, or Personal Area Network: 1m-30m) wirelessly. The “Bluetooth Special Interest Group” […]

Iot- KOR

As we said in one of our earlier posts, it’s becoming more and more common to see the abbreviation IoT in reference to the interconnection of devices of a very different type which can be applied to various routines in our daily lives. And you’re probably wondering…. How does IoT benefit the product? It reduces […]

Sigfox_ IKOR

Today in our Blog, we’re looking at Sigfox technology – the first cellular network devoted exclusively to the IoT (Internet of Things). The adventure began back in 2011, when a French start-up set itself the challenge of developing a simple, universal telecoms infrastructure that enabled low-energy devices to communicate with a low data rate and […]


For some time there has been talk on many occasions of the term IoT, and you may wonder What does this term refer to? IoT comes from the English initials of “Internet of Things“ and refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects to the Internet. IoT seeks to make a large variety of things […]